Ace Of Spades

I made a selection of 30 Ace Of Spades covers. There is a big variety of genres, it goes from punk to metal to cockrock to hillbilly to rockabilly, psychobilly, jazz, house, finnish polka.
Many songs are probably not worth a listen but there are some very interesting versions. As far as I could hear, all songs are recorded in a studio except for Schoppen Aas which is a reversed Ochbloggish version.
Some highlights: the bizar acapella version by Paska, the jazzy one by Dino Martinis, the Remi-version by Grum Lee. And offcourse the Finnish one by Elakelaiset. Enjoy!

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    12 thoughts on “Ace Of Spades

    1. Torrentspy geeft: problem connecting to tracker
      probeer vrijdag ofso nog wel eens.
      Ben zeer benieuwd ik ken ze niet allemaal.
      THNX ;)

      (maar ik mis hayseed dixie in deze verzameling)

    2. yep mijn excuses, de download was toch gaan lopen in de achtergrond en ook hayseed dixie ontbreekt niet in deze indrukwekkende verzameling.
      Nogmaals dank ook namens de zoon. ;)

    3. Posted by Ratio: 1.89s2bdoo 1 min. and 41 sec. ago
      and Brixtons “Naked Ruby” do a killer surf/rockabilly version ta.

      hehe, dat kon nog wel ‘s een lange lijst gaan worden, daar op demonoid.

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