Ochblog.com made my day

So how does it work, well let me start by telling you that if you want a demonoid invite you might end up at och, in other words you go straight to our precious torrentguide made by kabouter and start to read, right?

somewhere in that thread you find the walhalla of demonoid invites betsybloos@gmail.com

I don’t know but i used to randomly give away some invites here and there and have some fun with them, until…

Pie came with the lumineuze idea of sending a standard replymail,

sure, I’ll be glad to give you one. But, because of the many applications we’re getting these days, we have to be selective and we’d like to ask you a favor in return: could you send us a picture of yourself holding a sign saying “ochblog.com made my day”. It’s not a joke, just a test for selecting the applicants who are really willing to put some effort into it. I’ll make sure you get the demonoid-account as soon as you send in the pic.

I never figured that one out of three would respond by actually sending a picture, how fuckin’ brilliant [/chopper reedmode], i don’t call these people stupid or anything, i just love the way they put their trust in me.

Anyway, i found this 419 so hilarious that i couldn’t think of any reason not to share this shizzle with you.

Remember, [ochblog.com made my day]

w00t !!

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    1. When will I, will I be famous? (I can’t answer, I can’t answer that)
      When will I see my picture in the papers? (I can’t answer, I can’t answer that)

      Thanks 4 the black balkie, IPM!

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