Eat model, EAT!

fat rulesThe modelworld was standing on his behindfeets the last weeks; skinny models are not done anymore. But for you, loyal visitor of Ochblog, was this of course nothing new.

Meet Irene. Also Irene is a proof that being fat rules. And everybody knows that fat people are gezellig, they know how to cook and always in for a treat.
But of course there’s also a dark side with fat people: Are the suspensions of your car strong enough? People do mistake you with Seabert. Those things makes you insecure of course. Insecure woman always get obsessed with their weightscale. And finally they end up praying for losing some pounds!

So you see, it ain’t easy being fat. That’s why I ask you, dear visitor, to be, like me, kind and gentle towards fat models. Cherish them. Feed them! Because they are the only ones who can destroy those horrible skinny and boney models out there.

Enjoy more Irene here, here, here, here, here and here.

edit by Ed: Just like me she has one of those nice fock-accounts that everybody else here loathes! She is called ironcookie, so Joid was probably right about the eating.



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    8 thoughts on “Eat model, EAT!

    1. olo, ik herken haar foto’s van haar gespam op fok ermee.
      (Zegt misschien meer over mij.)

      Anyway, Erwin Olaf maakt wel koele foto’s natuurlijk. Nouja, hij kan het in ieder geval.

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