Spotify Accounts Hack

You might have heard about Spotify, the streaming music app that lets you play music anywhere you have an internet connection. The streaming quality and speed is pretty good. It almost feels like you have all the music on your harddisk. The selection of music available is pretty decent, even for underground maniacs like me. There is only one little problem with the whole service: spotify is not supporting free accounts in Holland… 

There is hope however for all you web 2.89 believers out there! My secret Norwegian contact has send me a solution for this problem! 

Okay here we go:

1. Click this link

2. There’s some screen with a warning. Just click “continue anyway..”

3. You’ll get to the Spotify account create page. Click away the add in the left top with “Fermer” (yes that’s French Betsy).

4. Now make an account by filling out the fields. Important: country should remain ‘France’!! (possibly there’s no other choice anyway.. but I still mention it). Use one of your gmail adresses as email. That worked for me at least. 

5. Postal code needs to be 90112 and just forget about the non required fields like phone number and so..

6. fill out the letters shown in the appropriate box and don’t forget to select “ Spotify end user agreement” 

7. click on “create account and proceed”

Now you can download the app and log in. ;-)




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    1. wat rams zegt, iedereen z’n eigen spotify.

      Maar het heerst als de Mexicaanse griep ster, thanks again!

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