Today: Standbeest @ 5PM Den Haag

Theo has been working on a herd of six animals in the summer. The Animaris Adulari is relatively small, five meters long and three meters high. It can survive strong winds. It has a wagging neck and a wagging tail. Theo tries to use the wagging movement to steer the animal. If the wind is 3bfrt or stronger, it will walk on the wind.

Go to the Markenseplein in Den Haag and take the footpath into the dunes (close to Snackcar Melissa)… follow that path to the beach Strandslag 10 (go straight, don’t take the path to the right) Ones on the beach, go to the left 200 m. Look for a yellow Beach Restaurant named De Fuut

By public transport:
Take the tram 12 (dir. Duindorp) on railway station Den Haag HS (Hollands Spoor) and go to the end of the line (Markenseplein).

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