Zoute w00tbalpool winner


Gratuliere Zoute!

1. Zoute snor 332
2. Chocotoffert 320
3. J-One 287

4. freek 285
5. Vinnie 282
6. Sifco 281
7. Vord 280
8. Ar uit Rotterdam Zuid 227
9. 2shoes 207

10. gast! 197

The prices:

  1. Zoute | 50 euro shopping budget or cash
  2. Choco | 30 euro shopping budget or cash
  3. J-One | 20 euro shopping budget or cash
  4. gast! { 24 hour ip ban on ochblog.com }

Ochblog Shop or Cash

Since our shop is not online yet the winners can decide if they want to wait till the shop is online or receive their price money. In case the latter is preferred then the winners can contact Vinnie by mail: vinnie@THISDOMAIN.com.

Meaning: winners > email Vinnie your back account number (IBAN).


gast! has lost the pool and will get an ip-ban.
The time/date will be decided in the BSC or just skip a day at ochblog :-)



    ... a bloomin 'buzzin' confusion ... ... Vinnie is a male name derived from Vincentius (from the present participle of the Latin verb vincere, "to conquer or win") ...

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    1. Maar gaat Vinnie nou gratis geld uitdelen? Of moet ik nog ergens m’n deelnamegeld overmaken?

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