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We zijn na een behoorlijke hack weer online. Er zijn meer dan 6000 nep-registraties verwijderd en samen met Zoute zijn hulp is Och opgeschoond.

Na het bovenstaande hebben we afscheid genomen van het Och4 theme waar we de afgelopen 2-4 jaar op voort-gebeuld hebben. Ook ziet het er naar uit dat de oude vertrouwde BSC zijn tijd gehad heeft. Daarvoor in de plaatst hebben we nu een andere chatbox. Daarmee kan je … hipper dan hip … ook private chats hebben … met andere ochers in de BSC.

Tot slot, natuurlijk moeten de gifjes terug en die komen terug (zodra we uitgevonden hebben hoe). Anyway geduld alles wordt mooier, beter en strakker! In de tussentijd … meer brommer Tara na de break …

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    Fall of Rome TV-Thursday

    fall of romeWhile my school teachers have always told me that Rome suddenly fell through one Barbarian invasion, just recently I had to find out this wasn’t actually the case at all.

    But how did I stick to that idea anyway? Was it for Hollywood? No even French made those movies. Okay, some sites[warning:Nazi site], clearly didn’t have their facts straight, but with National Geographic posting those pictures … How did the so-called highly civilized cosmopolitan city disappear?

    That Roman Culture didn’t just leave I found out because, the Byzantine Empire (the old Eastern Roman Empire) conquered Rome back.

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      Civil Rights & Corruption TV-Thursday


      China – lack of civil rights [5 min], video was taken by a team of foreigners working for Sky TV. They were stopped several times by police during the shooting and had to capture some of this video at night in order to avoid confrontation.
      BUSTED – The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters [46 min], BUSTED realistically depicts the pressure and confusion of common police encounters. In an entertaining and revealing manner, BUSTED illustrates the right and wrong ways to handle different police encounters and pays special attention to demonstrating how you, the viewer, can courteously and confidently refuse police searches.
      U.S. Become a Dictatorship [7 min], same story as above but on a higher political level [via].
      George Bush Sr. Lies to get America into Gulf War 1 [3 min], George Bush Sr. hires PR firm Hill & Knowlton to fabricate stories about Iraqi soldiers killing Kuwaiti incubator babies in order to drum up public support for a land war against Iraq.
      How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked [4 min], Chris Rock explains it all…

      This piece Vinnie called “US become a dictatorship” above here is taken from “Terrorstorm” of filmmaker/activist Alex Jones. The complete movie can be watched here. [1h52m] [nodog edit] or get the torrent so you won’t need glasses after 2 hours of watching googlevideo ;) btw.. .this docu isn’t that good, if you want alex jones at his best, check his police state series [/nodog edit][*–* comment] I already have glasses so I don’t give a fuck ;-) [/*–* comment]

      Nodog: Thx to a tip from Braad in the comments of an earlier Och-post I’ve been watching the excellent 9/11 Press for Truth. Check it out, the best 9/11 docu so far, especially interesting in the light of the title of this post.

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        Weekend TV-Thursday


        nodog: If we can post Weekendmovies on thursday, we surely can post a TV-Thursday in the weekend! Check these guys: The Dudesons. They’ve been on Bam Magera‘s show before so fans know what to expect.
        I just watched the first episode of their TV-series and it’s pretty wild and luckily much less irritating than Dirty Sanchez (another Jackass clone). All kinds of torrents (including their movie) here. Enjoy!

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          Metal TV Thursday


          Cucumbertime is behind us so here’s a new TV-Thursday episode.

          Top Ten Metal is a silly old program about the top ten best selling metal acts. A bit of glam, a bit of sham, a bit of slam, bam thank you mam….well… we all know 80’s metal. there’s some footage of 70’s bands also so even recommended for serious metalfans.
          Quite a big download but it’s worth it: Demonoid | Torrentspy.

          Hacking has been done for a long time, well now there’s another google
          movie about it, nice. Have “how to make a beat” with that too. (both via).

          It’s metal

          Sergeant Baker:
          Some youtube video’s of metal/hardcore/mathcore/whatevercore band Dillinger Escape Plan:
          Panasonic youth | Unretrofied | Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants | Sugar coated sour
          Making the “Irony is a dead scene” EP (with Mike Patton).

          Not really a movie, but i found some rare vids on Youtube while i was looking for some rare footage. Excellent edited video, looks real enough for me to think they are actually singing it.
          Metallica – The Unforgiven 2 LIVE! (Rare video because they never play this song live) and a very funny edited video of Creeping death and some rare footage from Nirvana.

          Metal Schmetal. So here is one of the most controversial sitcoms instead, just 1 episode was aired although they already recorded eight. A sitcom about Adolf Hitler meeting Chamberlain and having trouble with his jew neigbours the Goldensteins was maybe something tooo. Nevertheless it’s here for you on youtube in two parts.

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            TV-Turntablism Day


            Let’s start with a video that makes it clear how much of an art turtablism really is. First we see 3 lutsers on the job and then master Q-Bert shows how it’s done.
            Kid Koala should be known by now, here’s a great vid of him playing trumpet with his turntable.
            Here’s a demonstration of how to scratch in combination with software, another branch on the tree of turntablism. update: pt.2 is even better.
            Finally Scratch, most people interested in turntablism will have seen it but if not, this is verplichte kost. Torrent @ Demonoid | Torrentspy

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              TV Tourday


              Nodog: The tour is underway and getting into it’s final fold. It’s offseen for the riders while the man with the hammer is always near.
              These last couple of days have been pure “glued to the screen and/or FBSC-with-Rams’-live-commentary” entertainment and like the live coverage isn’t enough, here’s some more tubefilling[/seth] for the fans:

              Greatest Climbs (1990-1999) (with atrocious commentary and background music, still good though!) (dem | tor)
              Overcoming (superb docu about CSC-team in the tour) (dem | tor) + extra’s (dem | tor)
              Earlier posts on Och (wicked stuff!)

              And because the on-site coverage of today’s stage by the Dynamic Duo Rammeses and Ikiro (driven by the notorious Neel himself) has been postponed until further notice; check the live stream here!

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                TV Thurs-Day before the OMGWTFBBQ


                -I won’t be there but of course I want to bycarry my pebble for a well functioning OMGWTFBBQ. Here’s a program that very thouroughly explains the ins and outs of the BBQ and the tech involved. Get it at Demonoid | Torrentspy. I do hope someone will make good use of this and all of you BBQ-hallwayers have a *plop*ping good time!

                -Probably the main news this week was the death of Syd Barrett. The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story is the best docu I’ve ever seen about him. Proper version @ Demonoid | Torrentspy.

                Also I am, unfortunatly, a big offhooker. But in return I give all the OMGWTFBBQ’ers 12 minutes and 54 seconds to get through the hard moments the day after. So *plop* also one in from me, and recover the next day with this astonishing kind of television.

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