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Bittorrent. Not familliar with it ? Keep reading!

Ochblogger “Mikhail(Formerly known as Kabouter)” brings you the guide to quickly get those music and video’s we offer you when we supply a torrent link.

It ain’t really important to tell you who made Bittorrent, only telling you how this works.
That’s right! A step-by-step guide. Only necessary things are explained here.

Section 1 : Get a torrentclient.
Section 2 : Download a .torrent file.
Section 3 : get the torrent working using Utorrent.
Section 4 : While downloading.
Section 5 : Tips & Tricks and little FAQ.
Section 6 : Dictionary & Links.

Section 1 : Get a torrentclient.

It’s difficult to say which client is better, but at the moment I use Utorrent wich is very small in size ( about 108 KB )
Download it here(Link removed), and open it. Utorrent is a client wich can be used to download your files. When you download a torrent (explained later), you can open it with Utorrent.

Since BitTorrent Inc took over Utorrent(Or joined forces.. yeye) and becomes a commercial aspect, wich many not appreciate, i don’t wanna recommend people using Utorrent. Always been a fine program, and some people can’t stand the money offered to sell their creation after all the good things they’ve done.

Bye Utorrent! traitor…

Other Clients you can use :

Screenshot of Utorrent 1.2.2

As you can see, the upper field appears to be empty. (duhh)
Keep your torrentclient of choice open and continue reading.

Section 2 : Download a .torrent file.

A quick note to the readers.. A torrentclient is not the same as a torrent. The torrent is a tiny file with the extension “.torrent” wich includes trackerdata to connect you to the right peers and seeders who are downloading / seeding the file you want. Let’s look for a torrent we can download to try our Utorrent client.

Click here to download a torrent at

Click on the “Download Torrent” button to start the download and save the file on your hard disk.

Section 3 : get the torrent working using Utorrent Halite.

Let`s browse to the folder containing the torrent of “Betty Wright-Golden classics.”

Screenshot of the map containing the .torrent file.

Click File, Add Torrent and look for the “Betty Wright torrent” wich you have downloaded from Torrentspy.

The torrent “Betty Wright” is loaded into Utorrent

Section 4 : While downloading

“Fucking leechers!”
You probably heard this before, but you don’t know what it means ?
Leechers are people who have finished downloading a torrent, but don’t the seed file. (uploading) Once they are done downloading, they remove the task. Mostly they don’t like uploading cause their bandwith is low, their grandma died, whatever fucking reason is. Die-hard Torrent users don’t like Leechers.. Fortunatly torrentsites can track down your ratio, wich is really handy against those leechers. People who share (Seeding/uploading) alot, can get more seeders than people who are leeching. If you share alot, or keep seeding the files till you have a +2 ratio, you can also download faster. That’s what the tracker is all doing. Leechers mostly get banned when their total ratio is below 0.5 for a few weeks.. (Or days.) Finally we can punish those fuckers.

Long live Bittorrent!

Section 5 : Tips & Tricks and little FAQ

Improve your download speed.
If you look for torrents on or demonoid, always check how many seeders / peers the torrent has. If the file has 20 seeders and 600 peers, you better look for another torrent wich has less peers. a little calculation will help you choose the best torrent.

Total of seeders x 5 = (something)

If (something) is equal or less if you look at the total peers, then you should have a high change of getting high download speed. Also remember that it’s better to register to torrentspy or demonoid (Signup currently closed, we can send you an invite if you want to become a member, Sorry, we don’t have any invites left..) wich results in more seeders. Also remember.. The more you share / upload, the higher your total ratio. People who have a high ratio, also get more seeders, wich results in higher download speed. Ofcourse you don’t have to seed a file forever! Take a look at the next screenshot.

Screenshot from stats in Utorrent wich has a ratio of 0.00, cause I just started the download.

it can take a while before the download really starts, cause Utorrent is checking total of seeders, peers and trackerstatus.
After a while the download slowly begins to start, first lowspeed, cause you didn’t upload anything of the file. While you are downloading, you also upload. Don’t try to limit your upload speed to 5 kbps or 1 kbps. The more you share , the more you get! (Results in higher download speed.)

That’s what torrenting is all about!

When you’re ratio of the file is about 2.0 , you may stop seeding or continue seeding. Again, keep in mind : The more you share, the more you get.. Don’t be a leecher!

Section 6 : Dictionary & Links:

Seeder(s) :

Uploaders.. Nice people who offer you the file. They expect that you come to join their seedgroup. So keep seeding (uploading) via your favorite torrentclient!

Peer(s) :

People who are downloading the file , who didn’t completed the download. Once they have finished the download, they can join the happy seeders group.

Leechers :

Very bad people.. When you see one, kill it. Only download files and don’t seed it to anyone. Also they have limited their upload speed to max 1 kbps.

Torrent sites :

Utorrent bittorrent Client Homebase
Demonoid (members only)
PureTNA (P0rn)
Empornium (P0rn)

And rember kids:

Get Demonoid

That’s it! Download the shit we offer you!

Any questions ? Post a comment.

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Update 03/01/2007:

Demonoid registry is open on Fridays. So don’t fucking bother us, right?!

Update 02/08/2007: Read these fine articles about software that can get you into closed bittorrent sites… SO STOP BEGGING!

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