Retro 70’s Horror Movies – Trilogy of Terror (1975) Story Three (THIS IS THE FUL…

Retro 70’s Horror Movies – Trilogy of Terror (1975)
Amelia & the Zuni Fetish Doll starring horror scream queen actress, the late, great Karen Black.

Brief Synopsis: It’s Friday night and Amelia has just arrived home with a birthday gift for her special guy.
A Zuni fetish doll. What follows is one of the most memorable and terrifying stories of horror in film, ever created.


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    Linkse propaganda

    Dirty Wars by Jeremy Scahill

    Het lijkt alsof eindelijk een perpetuum mobile is uitgevonden. The war on terror creëert zijn eigen vijanden, moordt die uit en creëert zo weer nieuwe vijanden. Een film van Jeremy Scahill op onze eigen uit-de-gemeenschapsruif-etende staatsomroep. Linkse propaganda dus en schandalig anti-Amerikaans, maar daarom niet minder indrukwekkend en nogal, als we niet zo blasé waren tenminste, schokkend.

    Dirty Wars van Jeremy Scahill, tot 17 juli graties te bekijken.

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      Earth Greatest Lawsuit

      god in jail

      Become a plaintiff in the greatest mass filing of lawsuits the earth has ever seen. Let us prepare and file a lawsuit just for you against the religion, church, affiliate organization, religious leader, or televangelist of your choice. Change our world. Bring peace on earth. End religious politics, wars, and terrorism. End world hunger and poverty, with the churches’ wealth. Join us as we take away the one thing that is truly the lifeblood of earth’s organized religioneers. Their money supply.

      Start your case at: Earth Greatest Lawsuit

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        Incredibly Strange Music, Vol. I + II

        weirdo-w00t!Some things don’t deserve to be forgotten, which usually results in snippets near your computer, lots of papers with obscure bandnames on it in your wallet and notes at your cell phone. But sometimes the thought of a ‘to buy’ record is enough and always somewhere in the back of your mind. RE Search – Incredibly Strange Music Vol I was one of those thoughts.
        In november 2005 I wrote a topic about Volume II and promised myself to make a sequel as soon as volume I would be in my possession. Now it is and here’s the topic. To those who didn’t knew volume II either: start off with volume I, because things only get better. To the others: don’t set your expectations too high.
        To me volume I was a little disappointment. Of course, Billy Mure is brilliant again, a ‘Cosmic Telephone Call’ hilarious, ‘Tico Tico’ very amusing and who can resist Jean Jacques Perrey? But over all it was not as surprisingly and exotic as volume II was to me at that time. Been waiting too long and expectations grew too high I suppose.
        Nevertheless, some things simply has to be heard and/or need to be in your collection and these two editions of Incredibly Strange Music definitely do.

        Volume I
        Volume II (link in 2005-topic was expired but is updated now)


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          OchCult Corner presents Virgin Sacrifice (1970)

          It appears that the grand Ochblog Movie Theatre was closed this weekend for not nearer to naming reasons. So the OchCult Corner Crew welcomes all the frustrating moviewatchers to enjoy another classic cult flick. Don’t fear the reaper in the back and take a seat at a coffin near you!

          Todays movie is directed by J.X. Williams. Little is known, but often he is reffered as the best kept secret of Hollywood. In the sixties he produced a number of movies full of (s)exploitation.


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