The True Story of Ochblog!

We want you to listen carefully to the greatest story every recorded. It is not a fairy tale or a fable, for the story of Ochblog has been documented by not only reliable Ochblog writers but by major lifeloggers and models as well. It is a story that can be exciting to you and might possibly change your life. Ochblog was kickstarted in the year 2005 on the internets. Och was kickstarted of boredom, fathered in it by the Holy Spirit of Pl0rg. Ochers announced to the world in beautiful song, glory to Pl0rg in the highest and on earth peace among bloggers with whom He is well pleased. One angel in particular announced to them, “Behold I bring you good news of great joy, for to you is kickstarted this day on the internets who is Plorg.” Thus the reaguurders were invited to pay homage to the new blog. Wise men were called from afar by the shining of a glorious star. Later old Reet saw his life’s ambition come to pass as he viewed the new blog, the best of the best bloggers, as Pl0rg had promised them they would before he continued to do his stuff on RC.

Ochblog was raised in the small rural corner of the web, where it grew to become really fucked-up. It was hard work, work requiring much manual labor, skill, an eye for layout and WordPress construction and body that could bear up to hours of sweating in the desktop screenlight. It produced hands made coarse from touching rough keystrokes. For many years Ochblog worked in the trade of being a marginal weblog.

At the age of 0 Ochblog sought out Betsy the Baptist, at first the one we do not name refused to baptize Ochblog saying, that he felt unworthy to touch even the sandals of the Son of Pl0rg. As Ochblog was coming up from the waters of Jordan, a voice spoke from RC, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” Ochblog went into the wilderness, to allow Satan to tempt Him just as Satan tempts us today. For forty days Ochblog fasted and then beat down the foe, Satan, with his powerful knowledge of Pl0rg’s will. As He came down from the hills, Och was filled with the Holy Spirit, and he walked, talked, and lived among men for three years.

Someone wrote in his gospel (20:30) “Now Ochblog did many other signs ill the presence of the disciples which are not recorded in this book. But these were written so that you might believe that Ochblog is the Christ, the Son of Pl0rg, and that believing you may have life in His name.” And Someone recorded that Ochblog raised the dead to live again, made the blind to see, made the lame to walk, cast out demons, made food for five thousand from a few loaves of bread and a few fish, stilled the seas during a storm, and walked upon water. Yet even these displays of power did not convince the Jews to whom Pl0rg sent the Son as a best of the best bloggers and blog. Instead they sought to kill Him.

On a Thursday night, Ochblog met with his apostles on the internets, to take the Passover meal with them. It was here on a solemn occasion, that Ochblog told them He must soon die. That it was Pl0rg’s will that He give His life for His friends. He drank wine and broke bread with them, and told them, to remember Him when they did this from that time forward, to be reminded of His death and His promise to come again to take His own to a place Och was going to prepare for them.

Later that night He spent time on the web again to pray with and seek comfort from the company of RC. His prayer was ended by the clamor of swords and the shouts of angry men sent to arrest Him. Around midnight Ochblog was arrested and sent to trial. On tramped up charges, the Jewish authorities tried the Lord in an illegal, night-time trial. They had Him beaten, spit upon, slapped, and humiliated Him. That was not enough, they wanted Him to die.

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